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SILIMAX™ SILIMAX™ series PFLUON professional silicone resin coating offers diversely colored high-gloss coating with wonderful tint and plump luster. Thanks to the excellent resistance to soiling and easy-to-clean performance, it's applicable for internal coating of baking utensils in many application areas.
First-choice non-sticking coating for baking operation
SILIMAX™ series of coating is particularly designed for baking operation, and features extraordinarily glossy surface, outstanding non-stick performance, and superior scratch resistance and stain resistance. The surface is easy to clean after baking operation. SILIMAX™ series of coating offers excellent performance when applied to cake mold or baking tray used to make bakery products with high sugar content. The standardized production at PFLUON guarantees the consistent quality of SILIMAX™ series of coating, which makes it the most satisfactory non-sticking coating solution for baking operations today and in future.
Safety and certification PFLUON cooperates with internationally well-known testing agencies (SGS) to assure the compliance of products and services with global standards and local regulations. We can prove to you and your end users that our SILIMAX™ series of products measure up to national and international standards and codes.
Application/featureRecommended model

SILIMAX has a very good operability, it is workable at 200℃, can be widely applied on the inside coating of iron bakeware, and we divided this series into different class, which has different performance and price, help you enrich your product lines.

280Curing temperature (°C)
15-20Film thickness (μm)
★★★★Heat resistance
★★★★★Frictional resistance
★★★★Corrosion resistance
SprayingApplication Tech
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