Satisfy your needs in many fields
This series coating could be used on non-stick cookware and household appliance,such as aluminum and stainless
steel fry pan, wok, soup pot, rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric saucepan, cake mould etc.


CERAMICAL™ series, as the representative of PFLUON ceramic coatings, is recognized as an incomparable fashion leader in the field of non-stick coating thanks to its high hardness, plump luster, wonderful colors, eco-friendliness and zero content of PFOA. Low-temperature sintering makes it suitable for diversified production areas. CERAMICAL
(Excellent performance under harsh test conditions) Abrasion tester,7447B scoring pad
Titanium, because of its excellent performance, is widely used in military and medical fields, such as the use of high strength and corrosion resistance of titanium and corrosion resistance of the submarine, the use of titanium biocompatibility manufacturing a variety of medical equipm ent We apply titanium to non stick cooking utensi ls. At the same time to maintain excellent non-stick performance, a nd superior abrasion resistance performance.
Test Item Test Method Test Condition COPPER COOKER Normal Ceramical
Non-stick Coating
Abrasion Resistance, cycle Q/PFL 001-2015 Abrasion tester,7447B scoring pad Pressure:4.5kg/21cm 8000 8000 cycles 5000 cycles
The "coppery" color system reveals different temperament
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